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We are researchers and students!

Cultivating curiosity, compassion and rigor in research.

Our research is made possible because of many others. Check out our core collaborators both inside and outside of Cornell.

You can read us all below.

Our Team 

Core Collabortors

We are lucky to work closely with several labs at Cornell University and have core collaborations with: 

 Ophir's Integrative Neuroethology Lab (Psychology Department) and Sandkam's Behavioral Ecology and Evolution Lab (Department of Neurobiology and Behavior). 

Past members

  • Kristen Briney, BSc Research Specialist (March - December 2023)

  • ​Katrianna Galloway BIOG 4990 Student (Spring 2022-Spring 2023) ​

  • Tyleah Brown BIOG 4990 Student (Fall 2023 - Spring 2023)

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